How to Jump Rope like A Boxer?

Being a competent boxer requires you to train yourself extensively. Many different exercises come into the workout process, but the most essential workout is jumping rope. In case you want to become a professional boxer, you will also have to include jump rope into your routine.

If you have a query about how to jump rope like a boxer, you also need to know about the exercise’s benefits. The guide focuses on the different benefits that jump rope provides and how you can choose the perfect jump rope. It also contains a few basic jump techniques that most boxers follow, and you could incorporate them into your daily workout routine.

How to Jump Rope like A Boxer?

Advantages of Jumping Rope

Jump ropes help in building your athletic skills and fitness with different jumping techniques. There are many different jumping rope benefits, making it one of the most highly recommended exercises for boxers.

  • Jump rope is perfect for a whole-body workout since it works on all your muscles.
  • The aerobic and anaerobic systems of your body are worked, which burns calories.
  • Jumping rope helps in enhancing quickness and speed.
  • Jump rope exercises also help in intensifying explosiveness and power in your body.
  • The exercises make you more aware and in control of your body.
  • Jump ropes help in increasing your hand-eye coordination.
  • Jumping ropes makes you more light-footed and agile.

Things to Consider When Buying a Jump Rope

Before you start your jump rope exercises, you need to ensure that you choose the right jump rope. Jump ropes come in a variety of price ranges, quality, and type. However, there are two major considerations that you need to focus on when you buy a jump rope that is the type and length.

Remember that you will not be buying the jump rope for regular exercises but your training as a boxer. Follow the considerations below to get the perfect jump rope for your training and ensure that you can go about your workout routine.


The type of jump rope is the first thing that you need to choose. Two of the major types of jump ropes are heavy ropes and speed ropes. Heavy ropes have weighted ropes as well as handles. They help make your upper body stronger and slowly turn the ropes, making you put more pressure on your upper portion.

On the other hand, speed ropes are not as heavy and turn very fast. These ropes are specifically designed to make you more agile and increase your speed. It is better to opt for speed ropes since boxers need to increase their explosiveness, quickness, and agility.


The next thing you need to focus on is the material and quality of the jump rope you would buy. Choosing plastic ropes is the best option since they are more durable and reduce air resistance with an increase in speed.

If you buy leather or cotton ropes, it would be hard for you to comfortably use them. Moreover, these materials tend to wear out very quickly, which means you will have to invest in a new jump rope after a very short time. Choosing plastic jump ropes is a much more budget-friendly option since they will not wear out quickly.


There are varying jump ropes’ lengths, and the one you choose would depend on your jumping ability and height. If your jump rope is very long, then it will tangle easily and will be less aerodynamic. On the other hand, using too short a jump rope may make your trip very often.

For the right-sized jump rope, you need to keep one of your feet on the rope’s middle and ensure that the handles are equally pulled up on your body’s side. If you are a beginner, then the rope will be shoulder level. For more advanced people, the rope can be only till your upper chest or underarm.

How to Start Your Training?

To start your training, there two things that you need to focus on initially, which have been mentioned below.

Choose Your Location

Many people avoid jumping ropes since they think it will have a hard impact on their bodies. However, this impact can be reduced by choosing the right location or jumping surface. You need to look for a surface that would properly rebound when you jump and absorb force when you are landing.

You can choose some of the surfaces from artificial turf, level dirt, wooden floors, short grass, and rubberized mats and floors. You also need to ensure that the area around which you are jumping rope is completely clear and there are no objects that can hinder your free movement.

Perfect the Body Posture

Maintaining the right body posture is very important to ensure that you do not receive any injury and perform efficiently. You should check the movements of your arms and ensure that they are correct. Many beginners tend to move their arms very much, which is not right since you need to use your wrists to move the jump rope.

The next thing is that you do not have to jump too high. The maximum height you need to jump off the ground is between 1/2″ and ¾”, not more than that. If you jump too high, your body will be impacted unnecessarily, which does not do good for your training and increases injury risk.

How to Jump Rope like A Boxer?

Jump Types to Include In Your Workout Routine

Some of the common jump types that you could include in your workout routine are as follows:

  • Bounce Step
  • Alternate-Foot Step
  • Boxer’s Skip
  • Boxer’s Heel Toe Step
  • Front Straddle
  • Skier Jump
  • Foot Cross
  • Arm Criss-Cross
  • Bell Jump
  • Backward Jump
  • Arm Side Swing
  • High Knees
  • Side Straddle

Wrapping Up

To become a capable boxer you need to enhance your training techniques and incorporate different workout routines. Do not get stuck with just one routine and keep changing your workouts every other day. 

It is better to include jump rope workouts in your everyday routine since they help make you stronger and agile. Try out alternate jump rope types in your workouts according to the focus areas. 

Make sure that you make your jumping techniques tougher as you become more advanced. This makes the workout more challenging and also helps you understand your capability.

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