Best Boxing Shoes Under 100

Affordability is paramount for those who do not come from an affluent background but have a dream of achieving big. Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor didn’t have deep pockets when they started their career.

And for those individuals, several brands offer boxing-specific shoes that are not compromised on in terms of quality. In this article, we review the best boxing shoes that you get for under $100.

The shoes are tested and reviewed so that you don’t end up buying the wrong shoes for yourself. Select the pair of shoes that fit your requirements and budget.

Top 5 Best Boxing Shoes Under 100

Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

A very few quality shoes can beat this sneaker-cum-boxing shoes from Reebok in this price range.

Because these are made from 100% synthetic materials, they can afford to keep the price low without compromising on durability or quality.

For boxing purposes, it features a synthetic rubber outsole. This aids in gripping the floor and durability of the product. The upper part is of synthetic nubuck that is soft to touch.

For boxers with stiff and firm feet, they will find the EVA midsole beneficial. The layer offers added cushioning that will reduce the impact.

Another reason to fall for these shoes is that they have a high ankle strap for added support to your ankle joint.

So for under $100, you get style, durability, safety, and performance all in the same product.


  • EVA midsole for extra cushioning
  • Rubber outsole for superior grip
  • High ankle strap for ankle safety
  • Synthetic fiber that’s breathable


  • Not particularly suited for wider feet
  • You may find them difficult to take on and off

Title Speed-Flex Encore 

These high top boxing shoes from Title Boxing are some of the cheapest shoes you’re going to come across.

The shoes are crafted to aid quick footwork and agility. That’s because of the full rubber sole, ankle grip, and high lace-up. These coordinate with your foot movement to offer an edge in terms of speed.

It is made from synthetic leather for the upper part and filled with tight woven nylon. Both of these fabrics help keep the price lower. But you’ll experience the smoothness and comfort when you put them on.

The Speed-Flex Encore shoes are available in multiple colors ranging from vibrant red to full-back. So you’ve got options in there.

The title is regarded as a brand that consistently produces a high-quality range of products and boxing equipment. So you can be sure that you’re purchasing from a reliable source.


  • Designed for speed and agility
  • One of the cheapest boxing shoes
  • Versatile for all boxing activities


  • Requires some time before it can fit properly to the foot
  • High top shoes are difficult to take on and off

Adidas Box HOG II Boxing Shoes

Adidas rarely makes mediocre shoes. So when you’re buying from Adidas, you should have high expectations. With the Box HOG II boxing shoes, Adidas goes beyond expectations by offering pocket-friendly shoes that you can get well under a $100 price tag.

First of all, you get synthetic suede overlays that are cheap but durable. The faux suede is even more durable than natural suede. So you can wear these for high-intensity training workouts.

The low-profile EVA midsole is another reason why the prices are down, but the quality is high. They provide the extra cushioning that’d protect from hard impacts.

Since boxers are always on their toes, these boxing shoes will keep you on your toes. Equipped with a gum rubber outsole, they offer superior traction and grip.

High ankle support is there to protect your ankle joint and provide stability.


  • Single-layer open mesh for breathability
  • EVA midsole cushion to protect against continuous ground impact
  • Gum rubber outsole for grip


  • High ankle design means you’ll have trouble taking the shoes on and off
  • Limited color options

Adidas Combat Speed 5

The Combat Speed 5 boxing shoes from Adidas have made a niche for themselves among the boxers. And cost-effectiveness is just one of the reasons.

The shoes fit perfectly for all sizes because of their low-top design. You’ll almost feel like wearing a sock. The design also aids in speed when you’re moving around the ring.

The leather and rubber sole helps in gripping the mat surface, thus allowing you to stay stable.

Just like most affordable shoes, the Combat Speed V is made from synthetic fabric, precisely mesh. It facilitates ventilation and breathability that dissipates the heat generated.

Adidas likes to keep things simple when it comes to design. You can get the shoes in 7-8 different colors with the signature Adidas stripes on them. That’s it! Nothing flashy.


  • Sock-like foot support
  • Mesh layer to aid air ventilation
  • Leather and rubber sole for better grip


  • Not well suited for wider feet
  • Low ankle support leaves the ankle joint vulnerable
  • Price for some sizes go beyond $100

Ringside Undefeated Boxing Boot

An all-around boxing shoe that has so many features, you’ll actually feel like it is underpriced.

The shoes feature a patented leather vinyl that keeps the cost down. But the fabric is also durable and tough under extreme conditions.

You have a high-top ankle support to protect your ankle and maintain stability at the same time.

Your foot will be sandwiched in between a nylon mesh pattern and a non-slip rubber sole, both of which offer cushioning and comfort.


  • Breathable nylon mesh dissipates heat, keeping your feet cool
  • Rubber sole for better grip
  • High ankle design for added safety


  • Shoes do not reflect the true size
  • High-top ankle shoes take more time to put on and off

To Sum up

Boxing is not all about delivering punches after punches, it’s also about putting your best foot forward. For this to happen, you need to be comfortable in your shoes and trust them.

All of the shoes mentioned above meet the minimum requirements, because of which they made it to the list.

Thus, you can buy with confidence that they will fit into your budget and not low on quality. But it’s also recommended to use your own discretion for selecting the shoes. Every boxer is different, and so are their feet.

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