Winning Boxing Gloves Review: Are They Really the Best?

When you engage in discussions about boxing, Winning is a brand name you’ll undoubtedly hear. Boxing is a sport that revolves around skill, speed, and the intensity of training. For practical training, you need to have the best gear. Winning is a famous brand for boxing equipment- especially gloves. 

Read on for a comprehensive winning boxing gloves review. 

Winning Boxing Gloves Review: Background Of The Brand

Winning is a Japanese brand. It emerged in 1992. Presently, it is one of the most significant international producers of sporting equipment. 

Winning has been manufacturing and producing boxing gloves for years. Typically, it makes the gloves on a made-to-order basis using high-grade imported materials. 

Professional, famous boxers like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather hold Winning in high regard. It is their brand of choice for boxing gloves and more. 

If you consider Winning boxing gloves review inputs by customers, you’ll notice that the bulk of them is positive. The performance and quality of these gloves are well-known, despite minimal marketing by the brand. 

Winning Boxing Gloves Review

Types Of Winning Boxing Gloves 

Winning makes its gloves especially for boxing or mixed martial arts. They have suitable padding for these purposes. There are different types of Winning gloves. 

Winning Professional Boxing Gloves 

The professional boxing gloves that Winning makes are the most revered of all. The company creates them with pros, serious fighters, and talented or passionate amateurs in mind. The professional gloves typically come with laces- so you will require assistance to put them on. 

Winning Velcro Boxing Gloves 

The velcro gloves share the features of the professional ones- except for the fastening. They come with velcro straps in place of laces. The laces provide a better grip than velcro- but the latter is more suitable for training. 

Due to this, the lower composition of the gloves differs significantly. However, the upper section is quite similar to professional gloves in terms of padding and protection. 

Winning Boxing Gloves For Amateurs 

Winning has a line of boxing gloves that focuses on amateurs. The design and structure of these gloves rely upon careful curation with the skills of trainees in mind. They are ideal for training and matches, both- and come with extra padding. 

Winning Bag Gloves 

Different gloves are better suited to working with bags. These are lighter and thinner than other types of gloves. Despite this, they do not lack in their capability to protect your hands. 

The Winning bag gloves enable you to work on your punching speed when you train with a punching bag. 

Winning Boxing Gloves Review: General Features and Overall Quality 

Below, you will find an evaluation of the features of the brand’s gloves for a well-rounded Winning boxing gloves review. 

Protection and Padding 

Winning is perhaps the most reliable brand when it comes to padding and the protection of your hands. While the extent of the padding varies to some degree with each type of glove, the brand sets its bar high enough. Each pair of boxing gloves features thick padding that shields you against harm and protects your opponent too. 

Winning boxing gloves come with a layered padding system. The layers of padding reduce blunt force and distribute the impede evenly across the entire area. The professional, as well as velcro gloves, have this feature. 

The composition of the layered padding involves high-density foam followed by an impact-absorbing material. Soft, high-grade leather covers the padding with a premium nylon inner lining. 

Winning gloves feature thumb stoppers and remote bridging to ensure your thumbs remain intact and in line with the gloves. 

To reiterate, Winning boxing gloves come with heavy padding. Several fighters do not prefer such extensive padding- it depends upon personal preferences and regimes. 


  • Heavy padding promises excellent protection and shock absorption 
  • Multi-layered 
  • High-quality materials for padding 
  • Ample protection for thumbs 


  • Excessively cushiony 
  • Quite sponge-like 

Wrist Security And Support

Padding is not the sole director of protection when it comes to boxing gloves. Winning boxing gloves provide excellent security and support to your wrists for stability after impact. If your wrists are strong and well-armored, your punches will deliver more streamlined force too. 

Winning gloves have stiff padding around the area of the wrists. A drawback is that you will not be able to perform complex maneuvers with them if you punch at an angle. However, your wrists will be able to absorb shock very well. 


  • Robust and steady wrist support 
  • Stiff padding 


  • Stiffness does not allow maneuvering at angles 

Degree of Comfort 

When it comes to comfort, Winning is a leader. The dense and soft padding guarantees a comfortable and snug fit. More than a single Winning boxing gloves review has remarked that these gloves almost feel like an extension of the arm!

The shape and fit of the gloves are ergonomic. The gloves house your thumbs well, too- a relatively rare aspect. The form of the thumb is smaller and more curved than other brands. 

As for the convenience- Winning does not fall short. It is easy to clasp and unclasp your hands when wearing these gloves. However, the professional globes have laces which may prove to be inconvenient when training alone. 


  • Soft, high-quality materials 
  • Comfortable and snug fit 
  • Ergonomic shape and anatomic thumbs 


  • Laces of professional gloves may be inconvenient 
  • Gloves may feel broken right in the beginning 

Materials and Stitching 

Winning uses the best kind of leather for its gloves. According to more than one Winning boxing gloves review on various websites, these gloves use high-grade leather with superior texture. Winning gloves’ leather is not too thin- yet folds and bends easily with plenty of flexibility. 

The stitching and craftsmanship of the gloves are also superior. It is neat and offers a clean, aesthetically-pleasing look. 


  • High-quality leather comes with leather conditioner
  • Neat and clean stitching 
  • Soft, breathable lining 


  • Leather may not be as good as various Mexican boxing gloves 


Winning makes its gloves according to orders- implying that they are carefully curated. The materials the brand uses for its construction are top-notch and ensure durability. You can continue using the same pair for about three or four years- training multiple days a week. 


  • Durable gloves 
  • High-quality craftsmanship 


  • Shorter life in rainy or humid environments 


Throughout their journey, every boxer considers the Winning boxing gloves on at least one occasion. It is safe to state that the label performs an excellent job at producing boxing gloves. This Winning boxing gloves review is here to help you gain insight into the gloves’ quality and performance. 

Winning gloves have plenty of padding that ensures your hand remains protected. The construction is impeccable as well. However, these gloves may prove to be slightly heavy on the wallet due to their made-to-order nature!  

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