Weight Lifting For Boxers: Get Ready for the Big Fight

Are you a boxer looking to improve your skill in the arena? Are you looking for ways to master your art? Then this is the right place to be!

To be successful in boxing, you are not just supposed to be big and bulky. Boxing is about carefully balancing power, speed, endurance, and strength. The best way to achieve this balance is with the help of weight training. 

Here are a few exercises that you can master to make your boxing better and more impactful. 

Clean pull 

The clean pull is one of the best exercises to develop explosive strength. Since a lot of muscles get activated with the exercise, it teaches you “explosive movements” while training. This training is beneficial for any sport that requires jumping, running, striking, or throwing. 

With a clean pull, you are able to channelize the flow of energy through your body in a perfect fashion. For instance, in boxing, you require the energy to flow from the lower body to the upper body and then finally to your arm. 

Weight Lifting For Boxers


The primary benefit of this weight training is that it teaches you “explosive movements” that can help you throw powerful punches on your opponent. The activation of every muscle in the process allows you to gain better and more effective control of your body. 

With a clean pull, you can develop an effective mass due to appropriate muscle extensions. It also helps develop the ability to absorb force so that the effect of damage caused is less. 

Apart from that, the technique is a good way of improving posture, mobility and help reduce the risk of any injury during the fight or training. 

Practice time 

In the beginning, you can start with three to five sets, each with three to five reps. You can increase the number of reps gradually as you start gaining better strength. 

Trap bar deadlift 

In boxing, your entire body is in movement. If you have understood energy flow dynamics, then you must be aware that the lower body is the beginning point of energy generation. The power flows from the lower body to the upper body. That is why you need to strengthen the muscle in the lower body as well. 

In simple words, the higher you are able to jump, the stronger punch you will be able to deliver. Therefore, this type of strength training can improve the power of your punch significantly.


Trap bar deadlifts require a large amount of concentric force that can help in increasing the rate by which force develops in your lower body. This is the best way to help the body muscles to physiologically adapt to explosiveness, strength, and speed. 

It helps in improving the strength of your glutes, hamstrings along with the lower back and the core muscles. Trap bar deadlifts are pretty versatile as they are preparing the body to handle multiple types of injuries that it may encounter in a fight.

Practice time 

If you are starting with trap bar deadlift, three to five sets of three to five repetitions will help you get in the zone of this exercise. You can increase the number of repetitions once you have mastered the energy flow. 

MB Core Training

Core training is one of the most important parts of a boxer’s training session. A stronger core helps in throwing a harder punch at the opponent. Since your core is the link between the lower and upper body, you need it to be strong for a proper transfer of energy. 

The better is your stretch-shortening cycle of the core, the better you will be able to deliver a powerful punch. Your core should be able to absorb and reproduce force at a fast pace in order to create impactful actions. 


The key benefit of MB core training is increasing the strength of your core. The improvement in the stretch-shortening cycle of the core muscles can do wonders for your boxing game. 

With a strong core, your hooks and combination punching action become better and more effective. 

Apart from that, this particular strength training also reduces the chances of suffering an injury. This is because a strong core will be stable even at high speed and force actions. Your lower back will be protected from any kind of overload or overuse injuries. 

Weight Lifting For Boxers

Practice time 

To see a visible improvement with MB core training, it is advisable to practice around three to four sets of six to eight reps in every session. When you start feeling the change in strength, you can gradually increase the number of reps or sets as per your convenience.

Other weight lifting training

Apart from above mentioned three, you can include the following in your training session for the improvement of your skills. 

Land mine punches 

  • Three to four sets of three to five reps. 
  • Helps in mastering force transfer from arms to hands. 

 DB Chest press 

  • Three to five sets of three to six reps.
  • It helps in improving the shoulder strength for better force transfer. 


  • Three to four sets with five to six reps. 
  • It helps in strengthening the glutes and hamstrings and makes the lower body stronger and more powerful. 


To think that boxing is just a game of your arms and hands, then you are highly mistaken. You need to build an overall strong body to be able to display a great performance in the arena. 

Focus on increasing the strength of every part of your body. Your lower body needs to be strong to deliver the extra power that you need for a hard punch. Your core needs to be strong to deliver the strength generated in the lower body. Your upper body needs to be strong to finally throw that power to the opponent in the form of a strong punch. 

Coordination and equalized energy dynamics throughout the body will help you be a better boxer and up your game to the next level. 

Practice hard to ensure a better performance.

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