The Best Heavy Bag Gloves For A Productive Training Session

The training possibilities are virtually endless in the realm of boxing. You must strive for a training regime that brings out and develops the best in you. For this, you would want ideal equipment too- including the best heavy bag gloves. 

It is common knowledge that there are different gloves for heavy bag training and competitions. If you are uncertain which ones to buy, read on ahead. You will find comprehensive reviews of the best heavy bag gloves. 

Best Heavy Bag Gloves That Are Worth The Money

Here are some heavy bag gloves you can rely on during your training sessions:

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves 

Everlast is a famous and revered name within the boxing community. It has been a preeminent American brand since 1910. Everlast is one of the largest manufacturers, marketers, and licensors of fitness, MMA, and boxing equipment. 

Everlast designed these gloves with longevity in mind. The Pro Style Training Gloves use high-quality neoprene material for its construction- crafted with precision and care. 

These are one of the best heavy bag gloves, with reliable protection for your hands owed to the use of pre-curved foam. They also sport a palm grip with comfortable padding. Your wrists will stay safe from hyperflexion. 

Despite the significant padding, the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are impressively lightweight. They allow you to pick up speed and remain nimble. 

An essential element of a good boxing glove is its fit around the wrist. These heavy bag gloves have an elastic strap for a snug and secure fit.

If you tend to sweat profusely, you have nothing to worry about. The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves come with a moisture-repellent inner lining. It will ensure that your hands remain cool and dry during your training sessions! 


  • Lightweight neoprene gloves 
  • Inner lining inhibits moisture build-up
  • Affordable and cost-effective 
  • Durable 


  • Elastic wrist strap is often inadequate for firm support for high-impact activity 
  • Comes in only one size- fits most but not all
  • Exposed thumbs are prone to injuries

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes is one of the leading manufacturers of boxing equipment today. It is a trusted brand with an important position in the international market, exporting products to many countries. Cleto Reyes officially emerged as a registered trademark in 1979. 

The Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves display impeccable craftsmanship. Strict quality control regulates the production of these gloves. 

These heavy bag gloves have a goatskin leather composition, handcrafted in Mexico. The gloves also have a lining that repels moisture from finding its way into the padding. 

The Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training gloves offer the best security and comfort. As the name suggests, these gloves’ fastening at the wrist is highly secure with a hook and a loop. You can wear them in a matter of seconds too!

With these gloves, you can remain sure of the safety of your thumbs. They come with attached thumbs for the comprehensive protection of your hands. These gloves’ inner lining comprises two inches of latex foam padding, providing sufficient buffer and cushioning against injuries. 


  • Use ultra high-quality and soft goatskin leather 
  • Water-repellant latex foam padding and lining 
  • Attached thumb helps in avoiding eye or thumb injuries 
  • Available in an assortment of colors 


  • May come undone at the fingertips 
  • Size may not fit adults with large hands 
  • Grip bar can feel too thick 

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves 

Venum is a household name when the subject is about durability and security. It offers high-grade equipment for sports like boxing, MMA, and karate. You can find a virtually endless range of products across categories like gloves, kimonos, protectives, and more by Venum. 

The Venum Elite is one of the best heavy bag gloves with a promise of safeguarding your hands during intense training sessions. They are durable and versatile- you can use them for several training purposes apart from heavy bag training. The best use for the Venum Elite involves striking training. They are ideal for beginner and amateur boxers. 

These gloves utilize Premium Skintex Leather for their foundation. The seams are specially strengthened, demanding users to exercise all their might when training with a heavy bag. Authentically handmade in Thailand, the quality of these heavy bag gloves will not disappoint. 

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves intend to protect your hand comprehensively. They come with attached thumbs, a triple density foam lining, and reinforced palms. The gloves will remain snug on your hands due to the reliable velcro plus elastic closure. The insides of the gloves are covered in a ventilated mesh for proper aeration too. 

With these heavy bag gloves, you have a variety of color choices at your disposal. These gloves are not available in a one-size-fits-all variation. There is a proper sizing chart that you need to refer to when buying your gloves. 


  • Long-lasting leather composition 
  • Guarantee balanced distribution of shock 
  • Secure and comfortable fit due to velcro closure 
  • Available in a vast array of colors and designs 
  • Long cuffs 
  • Excellent wrist support 


  • Velcro may begin to weaken after a while or due to sweat 
  • May not be suitable for smaller hands
  • Closure is not very flexible or adjustable 
  • Inadequate padding at the top of the gloves 

To Sum Up 

The world of boxing is rife with competition. Only the most dedicated and passionate of all boxers can make their way through to the top. Intense and productive training sessions are vital to this ambition. 

You need to use only the most top-notch training equipment for the results you desire. As you already know, there are different classes of gloves for specific purposes. When it comes to heavy bag training, protecting your hands against high impact is the core agenda. 

You must consider only the best heavy bag gloves, like the three options mentioned here. All of them have specific characteristics in common that set them apart from the others. These include proper padding, sufficient ventilation, adequate wrist support, and fine craftsmanship. 

Make sure you buy only the best heavy bag gloves and train your way to the top! 

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