How To Hang A Punching Bag: Easy Installation Tips

Punching bags are heavyweight bags used in gyms or at homes for fitness. They are considered to be amongst the best equipment for workouts. They are also the easiest to obtain gym equipment available. 

Not only that, punching bags are the most compatible fitness accessory to possess, as well. Punching bags can be hanged anywhere easily with the help of suitable tools and proper following of steps.

The punching bag satisfies various purposes and needs to give physical results. Those physical results include endurance, reduction of fat, and improved strength. Improvement in muscle fitness and explosiveness can also be incorporated with the help of these.

Things to Take into Consideration

Heavy punching bags can be installed in a different way in your homes as well as gyms. However, before doing that, certain things need to be taken into consideration. One is about the weight of the bag when it is filled. The other thing is about the kind of ceiling you have in the area that you want to hang your punching bag in.

Preventing Mishaps

It is important to know how much your punching bag weighs. Knowing that would enable you to know the weight of the support it needs. Support refers to the mounts that you decide to use. An average punching bag weighs from 70 pounds and goes to 100 pounds. There are heavier bags than that weighing more. Those heavy-duty bags can weigh up to 200 pounds as well.

When you punch the bag, multiple forces come into play. There is the force with which the bag is punched. There is the force with which the bag comes back to its position. All the swinging and moving also adds the centrifugal force with the others. All the forces together can weigh more than what the bag weighs. This is why the bag needs proper support.

It is best to say that the support should be of twice the bag weight. For a bag weighing 100 pounds, it is best to have the support of the bag weighing 200 pounds.

How to Hang a Punching Bag

Punching bags are best suited in a gym or a home. They can be hung anywhere, from a joist in the ceiling to a punching bag hanger as well. There are wall mounts available and preferred as well for accommodating the bag in various places.

Using the Ceiling Joint

The best place to hang the punching bag is through a ceiling joist. The weight of the ceiling joist supports the ceiling. Hence it will support the bag as well properly. Regularly, the ceiling joint is a 2 x 6 board that is placed every 16 inches. The size and the space of the board may be more depending on different areas and ceilings.

After finding the ceiling joist for your punching bag, it is necessary to find the center of it. Hanging the bag in the center of the joist is the best option. For this, certain tools such as the power drill, eyebolt, wrench, and S-hooks will be required.

Drilling a hole in the joist will be the first step in the process. This will be followed by twisting in an eyebolt using the wrench. The bag will then be connected to the chains. The chains will be hooked up to the S-hook. The S-hook, along with the attached bag, will then get hung up to the eyebolt. Ensure the success of the process by testing the bag with a few punches.

Mounting the Bag to the Ceiling

The process of mounting the punching bag on the ceiling is the same as that of using the ceiling joint. Here, the mount needs to be placed on the ceiling to mark the spots for drilling. After drilling the points marked, the mount will have to be screwed up to the ceiling. Then the chains and the S-hook will be attached to the bag. The S-hook, along with the bag, will then be hanged to the mount attached to the ceiling. Again, remember to test the bag with a few punches to be sure about the mount.

Mounting the Bag to the Wall

Some people prefer to have their punching bags hanged on the wall instead of the ceiling. For this case as well, an amount will be needed. The mount for hanging the punching bag by the wall can be bought from any hardware store. The tools needed to install the mount to the wall include the same as that of the other two mounting methods. The process of mounting the bag to the wall is the same as that of mounting it to the ceiling.

The only thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that of the type of wall. Be sure to never install a wall mount in drywall for a heavy bag. Mounting bags on the walls is best suitable for masonry walls. Remember to test the bag with a few punches to see if it is placed properly or not.

Using a Heavy Bag Stand

In case you do not want to drill holes in walls or the ceiling, a freestyle heavy bag stand is the solution. These stands are considered to be the last resort to install a punching bag as they are not very stable. These stands might not be able to withstand the force and the weight of the bag. They might need weights or support to hold them down.

 If not, they may move, wobble or even tip over. In the case of these stands, the punching bags just need to be attached to the chains and the S-hook. The S-hook, along with the bag, is then hung up on the stand.

Summing Up

Punching bags are considered to be one of the best fitness equipment. Hanging the punching bags are easy to do if you follow the proper steps with the proper tools. The steps to hang the bag are almost the same regardless of the place you decide to hang the bag. 

The best place to hang the bag is to the ceiling, as the support is provided the most by the ceiling. The least suitable way to use a punching bag is by using a heavy freestyle bag stand.

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