Best Boxing Shoes for Ankle Support

Best Boxing Shoes for Ankle Support

Ankle sprains and injuries are more common in boxing than you realize. Since you’re on your toes for a longer duration, this puts direct pressure on your ankle joint. The joint also remains in an unstable position during that time.

To prevent such injuries, you need to purchase the best boxing shoes for ankle support. These shoes are designed to lock your ankles and provide stability when you’re inside the ring.

In this article, we’ve listed the best shoes that offer ankle support to boxers based on our first-hand experience.

5 Best Boxing Shoes for Ankle Support

Adidas Speedex 18

Adidas, as a company, started to offer the best equipment and accessories for athletes. So you can expect the best products when you purchase a shoe from them.

The Speedex 18 is designed to offer maximum stability and protection to your ankle joint. You have high ankle support that locks your ankle. This reduces the chances of twisting or spraining your ankle severely.

But the strap isn’t too high to restrict your feet movements. You’ll have the same level of agility as low ankle support boxing shoes.

It’s because of this balance that the Adidas Speedex 18 is highly recommended for boxers.

Besides that, you have a rubber sole that grips the surface better than other shoes in this segment. Made from synthetic fabric, the shoes are lightweight and durable. So you’ll never feel like dragging your feet ever.


  • Mid ankle strap for ankle joint support
  • AdiWear rubber outsole for superior surface grip
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Some sizes are expensive

Adidas Impact Royal Digital

These boxing shoes made by Adidas are primarily for providing the maximum safety to the boxers.

For the ankle, you’ve got the V-shaped foil that ensures proper heel support and cushioning. The foil also prevents stress fracture to the heel bone.

The elevated mid-ankle strap will provide stability for the ankle joint and prevent it from twisting.

You’ll also benefit from radial curve contour for consistent grip.

Synthetic leather makes the product breathable and comfortable to wear. You won’t have to worry about blisters that are common among boxers who undergo intense training sessions.

The price tag of under $100 makes this shoe even more appealing to purchase.


  • V-shaped foil for heel support
  • Ankle strap for ankle protection
  • Rubber outersole for better grip


  • It might not properly fit wider feet because of narrow design

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

As a contemporary shoe that represents the next-generation of boxing shoes, this promises and delivers on high performance.

For ankle safety, the Diablo has a low-top ankle strap that not only safeguards the ankle joint but also allows ease of movement. No wonder why so many boxers are preferring these pair of shoes from Ringside.

You cannot overlook the no-slip rubber sole that keeps you grounded even against the toughest of opponents.

Besides safety, the shoes also boast elegance. You have the leather vinyl finish that provides a smooth finish.

Then you also have a nylon mesh pattern that’s breathable and comforting.

Available in five different colors, you can pick the hue your idol fights in.


  • Low-top ankle strap for support and stability
  • Breathable nylon mesh
  • Rubber sole for added comfort and safety


  • People have reported experiencing problem with sizing

Hayabusa Pro Boxing

Hayabusa is a famous sports bike from Suzuki, but there’s also a heavy-duty boxing shoe with the same name you should know about.

These are professional boxing shoes designed to provide you the complete control inside of the ring. Whether you want to make an explosive movement or shuffle around, these pair of shoes have got you covered.

Like other shoes present in this list, it has a mid-high ankle strap to protect and stabilize your ankle. But it’s the anchored grip that ensures you don’t slip when making or practicing your explosive moves.

The shoes are also incredibly comforting. The soft padding, along with the mesh ventilation, keeps your foot in a safe position.

Last but not least, this product is made to last. Build from synthetic mesh fibers that are woven and glued together, you can expect this to last 4-5 years of rigorous use.


  • Custom rubber outsole that enables explosive agility
  • Mid-height build and angled grooves that aid in foot stability
  • Lightweight and durable


Everlast Elite High Top

The final product we’d highly recommend is the Everlast Elite High Top boxing shoes. These are hybrid shoes meant for both gym and in-ring activities. So you do not have to switch your shoes as you go back and forth.

Talking of the safety, Everlast has taken good care of it. First is the high top design that completely secures your ankle joint. You’ll have greater rigidity and decreased chances of twisting your ankle.

Furthermore, the shoes are made with a technical sole that maximizes traction and flexibility. You’ll be able to make better movements inside of the ring.

The shoes also feature an open weave mesh upper that facilitates air ventilation.

With the price being set at under $100, you can get it for cheap and use it for years.


  • High ankle design to safeguard ankle joint
  • Technical sole for better grip and traction
  • Open weave mesh to dissipate excess heat


  • A high ankle strap may limit your overall movement

To Sum up

When you’re buying boxing shoes specifically to prevent ankle injury, you should preferably know about the types of injuries too.

There are different types of ankle injuries you can sustain, the most common one being sprains. You can sustain Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3 sprain.

These can happen where there’s a stretch or tear in the foot ligaments.

Using improper techniques or shoes can also lead to an ankle sprain. You must purchase a shoe that you feel comfortable in. After all, that’s what shoes are for.

The shoes recommended above are intentionally designed to offer the maximum protection.

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