The Best Boxing Exercises That Will Bring Out Your Best Form

The key to an intense and effective training session for boxing is to mimic what you have to face in the ring. It would help if you were well-acquainted with the best boxing exercises to achieve this. An ideal exercise regimen for a boxer should include a blend of different paces, speeds, and power. Active rest is also vital. 

If you’re on a hunt for some virtually perfect boxing exercises, you are at the right place. As you read ahead, you will develop an insight into some of the best boxing exercises. These will help you evolve, challenge, and maintain your endurance, agility, and strength. 

The Best Boxing Exercises: Prepare For An Effective Training Session

On average, boxing is a 20% aerobic and 80% anaerobic activity. It will help if your boxing training involves interval training in addition to weight training and cardio. Your goal is to emerge as a well-balanced and coordinated fighter. 

With this in mind, here are the best boxing exercises:

Jumping Rope 

Jumping rope is a famous ritual in cardio. It offers an intense yet versatile and enjoyable workout, simultaneously reducing body fat. Jumping rope can sharpen your footwork, coordination, endurance, and dexterity. 

There are several variations and styles that you can adopt when jumping rope. Below are some of the most popular types that are intrinsic to boxing. 

On-The-Spot Running 

Running in place is the fundamental style of jumping rope. Make sure you lift your knees high with each jump. 

Double Turns 

Double turns are also called ‘double unders.’ It is more challenging than stationary jumping- you have to turn your rope twice with every jump. 

Criss-Cross Jumping 

Criss-cross is one of the more advanced styles of jumping rope. To do this, you have to cross your elbows while descending the swing- and then jump through the loop that forms. The following descending swing will see you uncross your arms, and so on. 

Training With Weights

When you talk about the best boxing exercises, weight training should be a concrete mention. It builds up strength and muscle. The ideal weight training regime should include a right blend of compound movements such as pull-ups and shoulder presses. 

Here are some suitable weight training exercises for boxers:

  • Crunches: Crunches exercise your upper abs 
  • Barbell Deadlifts: Barbell deadlifts work your entire body, including lower back, abs, traps, quads, and more
  • Barbell Bench Press: If you want to ensure plenty of exercise for your triceps, pecs, and front deltoids, barbell bench presses are ideal
  • Barbell Squats: You can work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and abs via barbell squats
  • Reverse Barbell Curls: As a boxer, the strength of your wrists is vital- and this exercise ensures that
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Presses: Dumbell shoulder presses challenge your side and front deltoids
  • Pull-Ups: With aid from your brachioradialis and biceps, this exercise works your lats 
  • Hanging Leg-Raises: Hanging leg-raises work your abs 

How many sets should you do?

When it comes to weight training for a boxer, the intensity is an essential factor to consider. Typically, you will be good to go with three sets, with five to eight reps of each compound exercise. You can do two sets for the other activities. 

Shadow Boxing 

Training with the heavy bag is naturally one of the best boxing exercises. However, shadow boxing should ideally precede it as a warm-up. 

The name of shadow boxing speaks for itself- you must use your own shadow or reflection as your opponent. Punch in the air and carry out a few rotation exercises for your joints. 

Heavy Bag Training 

When you have a heavy bag, you do not need a partner to test and enhance your skills. A heavy bag prepares you for sparring. There are multiple advantages of using the heavy bag:

  • Increases overall aerobic endurance 
  • Boosts power of punching 
  • Enhances coordination and agility 
  • Helps in perfecting stance, posture, and technique of boxing
  • Assists in burning away excess fat
  • Improves footwork 

When you are working out with a heavy bag, there are specific punches you should focus on. These include jabs, cross punches, hooks, and uppercuts. You should exercise and practice your bolo punches too. 

In addition to punches, another critical element of exercising with a heavy bag is defence. It will benefit you to practice slips, parries, and weaving. These are the best boxing exercises for defence. 

Training With A Speed Bag

As you already know, coordination and your speed of punching are at the core of boxing. You can exercise these with the help of a speed bag. You should be able to maintain a steady and stable rhythm for a couple of minutes- ideally in sets of five minutes.

The Best Boxing Exercises That Will Bring Out Your Best Form


An integral part of the best boxing exercises is sparring with an opponent or partner. It is an excellent- and also the only- way of realizing your progress. Make sure you try to use all your techniques and punches and defences during a sparring match. 

The best way to spar is to divide your sessions into rounds that last about three to five minutes. 

Running and Athletics 

Running and athletics boost your anaerobic and aerobic endurance proficiencies. HIIT is capable of burning far more calories than any other embodiment of cardio. Interval training involves some of the best boxing exercises. 


You cannot overlook the importance of flexibility when it comes to boxing. It is best to include exercises that contribute to flexibility in your workout regimen. Make sure you stretch in each of your workouts since it will minimize the risk of injuries. 

Here are some stretching exercises:

  • Toe touches
  • Arm circles
  • Wrist rotations 
  • Seated butterfly stretches 
  • Neck rotations 
  • Elbow circles 
  • Ankle and leg circles or rotations 

To Sum Up 

Boxing is a sport that demands proficiency in several skills. On this note, you have to push yourself to achieve greater heights, especially while training. Involve a blend of exercises that test your speed, endurance, and strength- with adequate rest. 

In addition to engaging in the best boxing exercises, you must sharpen your mind as well! 

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