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The Workout You Crave is Here at CruBox Boxing Club

Finding a workout that challenges you gets more difficult the longer you exercise regularly. When you first started with your routines, things like the recumbent bike and treadmill may have been enough for you. After a while, you stop seeing improvement there and move on to other options that can provide you with a greater full body workout. Even those machines can leave you hitting a wall after a bit, and none of the classes you see offered at your gym really appeal to what you are seeking. It may be time for you to step up your game to the next level so you can get the workout you crave and come to us at CruBox boxing club.

The CruBox Experience

When you come to our facility here at CruBox, you will get a workout experience unlike any other you have seen before. We are a unique boxing studio that offers classes that will give you the full body workout and intensity that will challenge your body and mind like never before. Professional boxers utilize the high-intensity exercise routines that we use in our classes. You will get the perfect combination of strength and cardio training that will keep your heart rate up, while at the same time learning the technique and focus that help to keep your mind sharp.

crubox boxing club

Our CruBox Classes

When you come to CruBox boxing club for classes, you will find that we offer different classes of varying intensity to appeal to many people. You can try one of our bag classes that are perfect for beginners so they can learn the basic techniques involving heavy bag work and shadow boxing. Our Cru Hiit classes offer a high-intensity, driven workout that is guaranteed to make you work harder and sweat like never before. You can also try a private session in the ring with one of our experts so you can learn the skills needed to excel at boxing.

Come to Us at CruBox

If you are ready to step up your workouts and try something new, you need to come to us here at CruBox boxing club. You can find out more about our facility here in West Hollywood and us when you read the pages found here on our website. To sign up for a class, you can make use of our online scheduling system, or you can phone us at (323) 917-5026, and we will be glad to assist you and get you enrolled in a boxing class that provides the physical and mental challenge you want.

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