Julian Profile

Julian Chua is a professional boxing coach schooled under world renown trainer, Eric Brown. Originally from Indiana, he was brought out to Los Angeles in hopes to box in the Olympics. Due to a series of injuries, he decided to let the dream of fighting go- then focusing his time and energy into becoming a professional boxing coach. He now trains a vast array of clients ranging from kids to professional fighters. In 2016, Julian was recruited by the founders of Cru where they teamed up to create a fitness program for CruBox that focused on authentic boxing technicalities and music. His extensive knowledge and mastery in boxing techniques can be seen throughout every pack leader that has gone through our training program. As a master trainer for CruBox, he continues to elevate every member of the teams knowledge by creating teaching experiences that stay authentic to the sport. Currently, Julian’s clientele includes some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities and top ranked professional boxers at Wild Card West in Santa Monica.

“Don’t just get up, adjust and adapt.”