How Cru Boxing Can Transform Your Life

How Cru Boxing Can Transform Your Life

The numerous benefits that boxing has on the body are well-known. People all around the world participate in this sport to lose weight, tone up, and improve agility. But did you know that boxing affects your brain and mind just as much? Here are some (non-bodily) ways in which Cru boxing can change you positively.

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Increase Mindfulness

Boxing is one of the best workouts to make you more mindful. When you’re boxing, you can’t think about work, family, or your other multiple obligations. Your attention is directed towards one thing: remembering combinations. This forces you to concentrate and be attuned to your breathing, while ignoring all other distractions, thus being present in the moment. This is the main tenet of mindfulness, one which you can carry over to the other activities you perform in your mind.

In addition, since mindfulness practice is one of the greatest remedies for anxiety, you can experience the same effects. By quieting down your many racing thoughts, you can begin to feel tranquil and present in the moment, giving you a peace of mind (even outside the boxing gym).

Reduce Stress

Scientists have long been documenting the positive effects that boxing has on stress levels, making participants have lower levels of anger and frustration. There is something therapeutic about hitting a punching bag (or anything, for that matter). However, while throwing punches is cathartic in its own right, it is the intensity and empowerment that comes with our Cru boxing workout that make stress levels go down. Sweating it out in a group setting releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that create feel-good thoughts, and makes you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way.

Leave Your Comfort Zone with Cru Boxing

If you’re the type to shy away from new challenges, boxing may be the perfect workout for you. It may be intimidating, but boxing workouts are always done in a judgment-free, encouraging environment, which can allow you to try out new moves without worrying about looking silly.

The intensity of a boxing workout may be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. But knowing that your group mates are in the same position as you makes you work harder to complete the workout. And there will come a time when boxing comes second-nature to you.

If you feel confident and ready for Cru boxing, consider booking a class with us. Our dedicated staff are ready to take your knowledge to the next level and to share their experience with you. Inquire with the Crubox staff, or call (323) 917-5026 to start reaping the benefits of boxing today.

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