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Group Bag Classes
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Signature Classes

Your pack training starts here. Learn the exact techniques the pros use to throw punches and slip jabs. This music driven class combines both bouts of body shredding, shadowboxing and heavy bag work with intense intervals of total body conditioning.

Learn authentic boxing technicalities that even professional boxers utilize in our signature group bag class, which encompasses high intensity, music-driven bouts of heavy bag work, shadowboxing, strength and conditioning, and core work.


45 minutes of high intensity intervals set to knock you out with speed and power. 40% harder, faster and meant to make you stronger. You will switch it up between floor work and bag work at a much faster pace, we won’t let you leave until you’re drenched in sweat.

Hot Boxing

Prepare for some serious full-body, metabolic burn in our hot boxing class.

We are turning up the heat. We have combined the detoxifying effects of a heated room with the body changing moves of a pugilist. A conditioning class, switching it up with circuits and strength training. Less boxing oriented but more focused on the tools that boxing professionals use to stay in shape.

CRU Boxing in West Hollywood
1-1 Sweat Sessions

For those wanting to ignite their technique or solidify the fundamentals. Spend an hour in the ring with one of our Pack Leaders, who will break down the basics and teach you the art and the skill that goes into the sweet science of boxing. Sessions include mitt work, strength training and core exercises. Recommended as a prerequisite and supplement to our signature group bag class. 60 minutes.

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Group Sessions
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Our studio is open to private group classes or events with your own pack, suitable for birthdays, corporate events or other special occassions.