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Join a Group Bag Class with the Best Boxing Club in Los Angeles

Group Bag Class at the Best Boxing Club in Los Angeles

You want to find a new way to get yourself into shape and to feel good about your workouts. Running and cycling just have not done it for you, and going to your local gym does not provide you with excitement and intensity of workouts that you are seeking. You want something upbeat, challenging, and better to try than what you have done in the past. So where should you turn? Have you ever thought about using boxing as part of your workout? Here at CruBox, we are the best boxing club in Los Angeles that offers a unique group bag class that can give you the kind of workout you have been looking for all this time.

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An Engaging, Intense Class

The class that we offer at our facility is an intense, engaging class, unlike others you have tried at different gyms. Our class is unique to our boxing facility and teaches you techniques that are used by some of the best professional boxers in the world today. We use great music to help drive the class through the boxing workouts so that everyone involved becomes engaged in what is happening. You will work hard throughout the fifty-minute workout, but the intensity of the class will have you blinking, and your class will be over as you get caught up in the action.

The Best Boxing Club in Los Angeles offers Fun Classes

Our group bag class here at CruBox is a fantastic combination of exercises for you to give you a full body workout. The class involves work with the heavy bag and shadow boxing, combined with important strength and conditioning techniques and core work that will help to make you sweat and make you stronger and more agile. We are the best boxing club in Los Angeles, and we will make sure your experience is valuable. With the class will have you bonding with others in the class right away as you work through the workout together.

Sign Up for Your First Class

If you would like to sign up for your first group bag class with us here at CruBox, you can do it easily right here on our website. You can book a bag and give your workout a try to see if it is what you are seeking, and you can take advantage of our complimentary glove rental for your workout. If you have any questions about the class or want to learn more about our facility and location, please give us a call at (323) 917-5026 and a member of our staff will be glad to assist you. Sign up to get the workout that you have been looking for that challenges you to take fitness to another level.

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